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A One- Year Law Course 


Summer Term Begins Monday, June 11, 1928. 
Fall Term Begins Monday, September 10, 1928. 
Spring Term Begins Monday, January 28, 1929. 

82nd Year of Law School 


Entered January 30, 1904, at Lebanon, Tennetiee, as Mcood-daM 
matter under Act of Congress of July 18. 1894 


Established 1847 


Ernest L. Stockton, A.M., LL.B., 


William R. Chambers, A.B., LL.B., LL.D., 

Dean of Law School^ 
Professor of Law 

Kenneth Faxon, Ph.B., A.M., J.D., 

Professor of Law 

Albert Williams, LL.B., 

Judge of Moot Courty 
Special Lecturer 

Sara Hardison, LL.B., 

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Cumberland University has had a long and enviable history, 
having entered upon its career in 1842, Since that time it has sent 
out twenty-three college presidents, sixty college professors, sixty 
congressmen, seven United States senators, fifteen governors of 
states, two justices of the United States Supreme Court, one hun- 
dred and sixty district judges, twelve Federal judges, and forty 
justices of State Supreme Courts. Twelve hundred ministers have 
been numbered among its former students. Its eighteen thousand 
matriculates and six thousand graduates have come from all parts 
of the South and Southwest, in fact twenty-two states of the 
Union and seven foreign countries have been represented. 

The Law School was created as a department of Cumberland 
University on the ninth day of January, 1847, or, to be more accu- 
rate, on that day the Board of Trustees took the first step, by resolu- 
tion, looking to the establishment of same. At various subsequent 
sittings of the board the plan of organization was perfected, and in 
the month of October, 1847, the first term opened, with one pro- 
fessor and seven students present. Judge Abram Caruthers was 
the professor. He resigned his seat upon the bench of the State to 
accept the position. His name has passed into history as one of the 
ablest judges who ever presided in the courts of the State. His 
opening address attracted wide attention, and was copied and com- 
mented upon in many of the legal publications throughout the 
country. He assailed and utterly discredited the old system of teach- 
ing by lectures, and insisted that the science of law should be taught 
like any other science — like mathematics, like chemistry. 

The school was at once a success. Judge N. Green, Senior, then 
one of the Supreme Judges of the State, was called to assist Judge 
Caruthers in the conduct of the school in 1852. He resigned his 
position on the bench to do so. Shortly thereafter, X. Green, 
Junior, was elected a professor, the prosperity of the school requiring 
the services of three instructors. These three gentlemen continued 
as the I'aculty until the beginning of the Civil War in 1S61. At that 
time there were one hundred and eighty law students in attendance. 
Judge Abram Caruthers died during the war. Judge N. Green, 
Senior, survived tlie war and assisted his son, N. (ireen, Junior, in 
the revival of the school, but died, at an advanced age and full of 
honors, in 1866. He was succeeded that year by the I Ion. Henry 
Cooper, and two years thereafter, Judge Cooper having resigned, 
Judge Robert L. Caruthers, who was for many years on the Supreme 

4 Cumberland University Law School 

Bench of the State, was elected to fill the vacancy. He resigned in 
1881 because of advancing years and feeble health, and Dr. Andrew 
B. Martin succeeded him, serving until his death, May 19, 1920. 

Judge Nathan Green, Junior, after having taught as a pro- 
fessor in the Law School for more than sixty years, died on February 
17, 1919. He was succeeded by Judge Edward E. Beard, who served 
until his death, June 18, 1924. 

In July, 1920, W. R. Chambers was selected as the successor of 
Dr. Martin, and in October, 1923, Hon. Albert Williams was 
selected as a professor of law. In 1925, Judge Williams was elevated 
to the bench, but still retains his connection with the school. In the 
same year Dr. Kenneth Faxon was selected as a professor of law. 

This is among the oldest law schools of the South, and its suc- 
cess from the beginning has been unparalleled by any other similar 
institution. Thousands of young men have here received instruc- 
tion in the law. They are to be found in every section of the coun- 
try and in every honorable station for which professional training 
fits them. Some have reached the bench of the "greatest court on 
earth," the Supreme Court of the United States, and many are or 
have been Chief Executives of States and members of both houses 
of the United States Congress. Indeed, wherever found, in public 
or private station, on the bench or at the bar, their successful careers, 
attributable in some degree, to the systematic training received 
here, are giving prestige to their Alma Mater. 

No law school in the country within the first half century of its 
existence has furnished the profession a more honorable and worthy 
body of graduates than has this school, and it is with commendable 
and natural pride that the institution now points to the record of 
these distinguished sons. 

W^OMEN ARE ADMITTED to the samc classes with men as students. 
The course, being thoroughly practical, prepares the student either 
to practice law, or to conduct other business according to law. 


It is only by exercising the energies of his own mind that a stu- 
dent can qualify himself for the bar. Any plan which would propose 
to make a lawyer of him without his doing the hard work for him- 
self would be idle and visionary. The virtue of any plan of instruc- 
tion must consist of two things: 

1. That it cause the student to work, or, in other words, to 
study diligently. 

To accomplish this the student is given a portion of the text as 

Cumberland University Law School 5 

a lesson every day, on which he is examined the next day. He is 
required to answer in the presence of the whole class, questions upon 
the lessons thus assigned. If he has any spirit in him, or pride of 
character, this will insure the closest application of which he is 
capable. Neither the old plan of studying in a lawyer's office nor 
the old law-school plan of teaching by lectures has anything in it 
to secure application. The student is brought to no daily examina- 
tion to test his proficiency. There is not the presence of a large 
class in which he has to take rank, either high or low. All that is 
calculated to stimulate him to constant, laborious application, is 
wanting in both these plans. We suppose no young man would from 
choice adopt the office plan as the best mode of acquiring a knowl- 
edge of law, and yet the law-school lecture system is no better. The 
law is in the text-book. The professor can no more make the law 
than the student himself. Every subject upon which a lecture could 
be given has been exhausted by the ablest professors and printed in 
books after the most careful revision by the authors. The faculty 
regard it as an imposition on students and as presumptuous on 
their part to pretend that they could improve upon the standard 
text writers who have given to the public, in printed form and 
acceptable to all, lectures on every branch of the law. It is better 
for the student to occupy his time in learning, with assistance, what 
others have written, than in learning from anything we could write. 
If this mode of teaching is more difficult to the professor, it is much 
more profitable to the student. 

2. The plan should not only make a student work, but it ought 
so to guide and direct him as to make him work to the greatest 

A man may work very hard, but still so unwisely that he will 
accomplish little. It is equally so with the farmer, the mechanic, 
and the law student. The student ought to have such a course of 
study assigned to him, and be conducted through it in such a way, 
that he will understand at the end of his course the greatest amount 
of pure, living American law, and will know best how to apply it 
in practice. 

The duty of the professor in this school is to conduct the daily 
examination of students upon the lessons assigned them; to direct 
their minds to what is most important in the textbooks; to teach 
them what is and what is not settled; to correct the errors into which 
they may fall; to dispel the darkness that hangs upon many pas- 
sages. This is necessary every day and at every step of their 

6 Cumberland University Law School 

Moot Courts 

The law is a vast science, and a very difficult one; and the stu- 
dent needs every possible facility to enable him, by the most arduous 
labor, to comprehend its leading elementary principles. But this 
is not all he has to do. He has to learn how to apply these principles 
in practice. This is the art of his profession, and he can only learn 
it by practice. It is as necessary a preparation for assuming the 
responsibilities of a lawyer as the learning of the science. If he 
learns it at the bar, it is at the expense of his client; if he learns it 
in the school, it is at his own expense. 

The advantage of the Moot Court System is that it not only 
imbues a student with the elementary principles of law involved in 
his cases, but also with a knowledge of the law of remedies. It 
trains him also in the discussion of facts, and to the exercise of that 
faculty which is so important in real practice. 

Practice in Moot Court forms a part of the plan of instruction. 
Every student is required to bring suits in the forms adapted to 
all our courts, and to conduct them to final hearing. The students 
act as attorneys, jurors, clerks and sheriffs. 


This has been selected with care from the best works of the best 
American authors. It begins with the rudiments, and extends to 
every department of law and equity which may be of any practical 
benefit in this country, and is designed to prepare the student for 
an immediate entrance upon the active duties of his profession. 

It covers about ten thousand pages of living law, and is as com- 
prehensive as some courses requiring two years' study in other law 
schools. The period which we allow for its completion might be 
extended, at additional expense of time and money to the students; 
but we know from long experience that, with the assistance and 
under the direction of the Faculty, it can be thoroughly accom- 
plished in nine months, and that by requiring this to be done we 
prepare young men to receive a license to practice, and enable them 
in the shortest time, and at the least expense, to begin the work of 

From the vast variety of legal topics, the law of which is taught 
in this course, the following may be mentioned: 

Husband and Wije^ Marriage and Divorce^ Parent and Child^ 
Guardian and Wardy Master and Servant^ Pleading and Practice in 
Courts of LaWy Pleading and Practice in Courts oj Equity , Principal 


and Agenty Partnership^ Factors^ and Brokers; Bailments^ Railways 
and Other Common Carriers; Administrators and Executors and Pro- 
bate of Wills; Trustees^ Guaranty and Suretyship; Sales^ Warranties^ 
Negotiable Instruments^ Contracts^ Corporations^ Torts^ Damages^ 
Mortgages; Marine^ Fire and Life Insurance; Equity Jurisprudence ^ 
Criminal Law and Procedure^ Real Property^ Evidence ^ Dower ^ Land- 
lord and Tenant^ Constitutional Law^ Copyrights^ Patents^ Trade- 
marks^ Legal Ethics^ etc. 



History of a Lawsuit. Barton's Suit in Equity. 

Hughes on Evidence. Bispham's Equity Jurisprudence. 

Clark on Corporations. Tiffany on Real Property. 

Chapin on Torts. Parsons on Contracts. 

Peck's Domestic Relations. Black's Constitutional Law. 

Childs on Personal Property. May's Criminal Law. 
Rood on Wills. Legal Ethics. 

The above enumeration shows also the order in which the 
course is pursued. 

The right to substitute other text books for any of the above 
texts is reserved. 

Anticipating a very frequent inquiry, the retail price of each 
book is here given, to wit: 


History of a Lawsuit % 7. SO 

Chapin on Torts 4.50 

Clark on Corporations 4.50 

Hughes on Evidence 4.50 

Barton's Suit in Equity 3.00 

Bispham's Equity Jurisprudence 7.50 

Parsons on Contracts (3 volumes, each $7.50) 22.50 

Black's Constitutional Law 4.50 

May's Criminal Law 4.00 

Peck's Domestic Relations 4.50 

Childs on Personal Property 4.00 

Rood on Wills 4.50 

Tiffany on Real Property 6.00 

Legal Ethics 2.00 

It is greatly to the advantage of the student to secure the latest 
edition of each of these books. The fifth edition of the Lawsuit is 
essential, and nothing older than the sixth edition of Parsons* 
Contracts can be used. 

8 Cumberland University Law School 

The books for the entire course may be bought in Lebanon at 
the prices stated above, or, if the student should prefer not to pur- 
chase, most of the books for either class can be rented. 

It must be remembered that the books used in this school are 
the regular textbooks of the profession, and will always be needed 
in practice, and, when once bought, will last a lifetime. 

Not a Lecture School 

Remember, this is not a lecture school. The law of the textbook 
is assigned as a lesson to the student, and actually read by him, 
and he is exajnined daily in the classroom on what he has read. 

No Correspondence Course 

No correspondence course is offered, nor will credit be given for 
such work done elsewhere. 

Time Required 

Each class (Junior or Senior) requires a period of 18 weeks, or 
one semester. The student, on entering the Junior Class, studies 
the books of that class for one semester of 18 weeks and then, pass- 
ing to the Senior Class, studies the books of that class for another 
semester of 18 weeks. Thus is completed the entire course of 36 
weeks, or one scholastic year. 

When the Terms Begin 

The next terms will begin the second Monday in September, 
1928, and the fourth Monday in January, 1929. There are both 
Junior and Senior classes beginning with each term, and students 
may enter at the opening of either term. There is a graduating class 
at the close of each term, one in January, the other in June. 

Requirements for Admission 

The applicant for admission to the Law School should forward 
his high school and college credits to the Registrar of Cumberland 
University, Lebanon, Tennessee, at least one month before the be- 
ginning of the semester he expects to enter. 

No student will be enrolled or allowed the privileges of the class- 
room until he has paid in full the tuition and other fees of the par- 
ticular class which he desires to enter. Partial payments will not 
be accepted. Students should come prepared to comply with this 

Cumberland University Law School 9 

No one will be admitted to the Senior Class with a view to grad- 
uation except such as have satisfactorily completed the Junior 
course here. 

Students who do not intend to graduate may enter at any time, 
and in either class. 


There are no entrance examinations, but, in addition to the 
daily recitarion in the classroom, the student is required to pass a 
written examination upon each book on its completion; and from 
his grading on such examinations, together with his standing at 
class recitation, and his earnestness and fidelity in prosecuting his 
studies, the Faculty determine his fitness for graduation. Absence 
from recitations or disorderly conduct will lower the grade. An 
assembly of the students of the University is held weekly, and law 
students along with all others are expected to attend. 

For late examination a fee of ^1.00 will be charged. 

A record of grades and the absences of all Law students is kept 
in the office of the Registrar of the University in Memorial Hall. 

When to Enter 

It is desirable that students should enter on the first day of each 
term. A degree will not be conferred on any student entering after 
October 1, until he shall have made up the lost time during a sub- 
sequent school year. 


A graduate of the Cumberland Law School has had the benefit 
of a year's reading of solid law, and the experience of a year's prac- 
tice in the Moot Court. As a result, he is well grounded in a knowl- 
edge of legal principles; how to prepare his case for trial, how to 
try it, how to prepare a brief, how to deliver an argument on the 
facts and on the law. The very thorough and practical manner of 
teaching law in this Law School insures such results to every earnest 
young man who passes through its course and receives its diploma. 

Diploma and License 

A diploma conferring the degree, Bachelor of Laws, will be 
given all graduates of the school. But to become a graduate, the 
student must satisfactorily accomplish the entire course prescribed, 
by study and recitation here, in the regular order, and under the 

10 Cumberland University Law School 

immediate direction of the Faculty. No exception to this rule will 
be allowed. Neither previous reading, privately nor in other schools, 
nor reading here, in advance of the progress of the class, by doubling, 
shall in any wise excuse compliance with this requirement. The 
entire course must be completed here. 

By order of the Trustees of the University, diplomas are to be 
awarded to those students only who are present on graduation day, 
providential causes alone excusing absence. 

To obtain a license in Tennessee to practice law, all applicants 
must pass an examination before the State Board of Law Examiners. 
The course of study prescribed here, if accomplished under the di- 
rection of the Faculty, prepares the young man, in the shortest 
time possible and at the least expense, for that examination. 

Students* Life and Conduct 

This institution will not grant a degree to any student whose 
conduct while here does not warrant the Faculty in believing him 
to be of good moral character. 


Tuition fee for term of five months (in advance ) ^100.00 

University fee (in advance), per term 10.00 

Student body fee 10.00 

Library fee (in advance), per term 12.50 

Diploma fee (for Seniors) 5.00 

The College Dormitoryf 

The price of board in the college dormitories will be ^157.50 for 
the school year, one-half of this amount to be paid at the beginning 
of each of the two terms. 

Law students may secure rooms and board in the dormitory 
under the same rules and regulations applicable to Academic stu- 
dents. Those desiring to reserve room at the dormitory should 
send a deposit of ^5.00, in advance, making check payable to 
Cumberland University. Students rooming elsewhere may board 
at the dormitory. 

Those coming in after the opening of the term, those who leave 
before the close of the term, and those who elect to do so, will pay 
by the calendar month, at the rate of ^20.00 per month, in advance. 

tAcademic students have first choice in dormitory space. What is not used can 
be had by law students. 

Cumberland University Law School 11 

Those not rooming in the dormitories may obtain their meals 
there by paying 50 cents per calendar month extra. There will be 
no deduction for Christmas holidays. Board in the dormitories 
during the Christmas holidays will be 25 cents per day extra. 

There will be no deduction for table board except for continuous 
absence of two weeks. 

Estimate of Expense 

The following table in two columns exhibits a reasonable esti- 
mate of all necessary expenses: 


Tuition 5100.00 5100.00 

University fee 10.00 10.00 

Library fee 12.50 12.50 

Student body fee 10.00 

Rent of books 13.50 12.50 

Diploma fee 5.00 

Board, in advance, per semester 78.75 78.75 

Room rent, in advance, per semester 42.50 42.50 

Estimated total S267.25 5261.25 

The room rent, which includes the cost of fuel and lights, is 
payable strictly in advance for the semester. The charge for a double 
room is $42.50 per semester for each student. Each student is re- 
quired to sign a regular lease for his room. 

Electric light will be furnished to the extent of sixty watts in 
a single room, or two forty watts lights in a double room. Lights 
in excess of this amount of current must be arranged at the office 
and paid for by the students. 

Students in the dormitory must furnish their own toilet articles, 
electric lamps and bulbs, four single sheets for 3x6-foot beds, one 
pillow, two pillow cases, and necessary blankets; also table napkins. 

Light Housekeeping 

Students expecting to do light housekeeping should bring their 
pillows, bed-clothes, rugs and table linen, and should not bring dogs. 
Either rooms or small houses can be leased. 


Lebanon is one of the oldest towns in Middle Tennessee, and 
celebrated its centennial in 1902. It has been an educational center 
throughout its history, and now has a population of about 6,000. 
The University is the chief enterprise of the town, and as a result, 
the citizens are deeply interested in its prosperity. They accord to 
the student a hearty welcome. 

12 Cumberland University Law School 


A large and valuable law library for the use of law students is 
open every day in the week, Sundays excepted. It is located in the 
law building in a comfortably furnished room, well lighted and 
heated. It contains over 6,000 volumes. Special mention may be 
made of the National Reporter and Digest Systems, Corpus Juris, 
Ruling Case Law, L. R. A., both original and new series, American 
Law Reports, Federal Cases, United States Reports, American 
Reports, American Decisions, American State Reports, English 
Ruhng Cases, and British Ruling Cases; besides a great collection 
of other standard law books. 

The library is kept up to date by the constant addition of new 
books as published. All of the published opinions of the courts of 
last resort of all the states of the United States during the last 
thirty-five years, together with the opinions of all the inferior Fed- 
eral Courts and the intermediate Appellate Courts of the State of 
New York, are found in the library. We also have the statutes of 
the 48 States. 

Self Support 

Lebanon being a town of only about 6,000 population, there is 
but little opportunity for one to work his way through the law 
school. A few obtain positions after arrival, but one should not 
come depending upon doing so. 

Directions for New Students 

New law students are advised, on their arrival in Lebanon, to 
inquire for Memorial Hall, where full information and advice will 
be given, and where they will matriculate. 


There will be a summer course taught during the vacation of 
1929, continuing eight weeks. This course will cover the law of 
Banks and Banking, and the General Laws of Business, and will be 
found of great benefit to those beginning the study of law, as it will 
be an addition to the regular course, and will enable the student 
to spend the summer pleasantly and profitably. 

This course is designed to benefit especially five classes of 

1st. Those desiring to review. 

2nd. Those desiring to prepare to take a regular course in law. 

3rd. Those desiring to obtain a knowledge of law for use in bus- 
iness other than the practice of law. 

Cumberland University Law School 13 

4th. Those desiring to obtain a knowledge of law as part of a 
liberal education. 

5th. Teachers who have time to study law only during the 

The summer course is especially valuable to the beginner as an 
experiment to enable him to determine whether to follow the law 
as a profession. If he decides not to be a lawyer, he may drop the 
law at the end of eight weeks, with a valuable fund of legal informa- 
tion and with the loss of but little time and money; otherwise, he 
can proceed to take the regular course. 

Tuition for summer course $40.00 

University fee 5.00 

The summer course will begin the second Monday in June, and 
continue eight weeks. It should be of especial interest to teachers, 
as it can be taken by them without interfering with their professional 
labors, and to bankers and bank employees, who may take the course 
in the summer, when their duties are least confining. 

For further information relating to the Law School, address 


Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tennessee 

14 Cumberland University Law School 


June, 1925 

Anderson, Charles Carson \V __Texas 

Anderson, Elmer Gordon Minnesota 

Arrington , Jo-Drake Mississippi 

Atchley, Otto H Texas 

Atkins, John Slaughter Texas 

Atwood, Lee Brown Tennessee 

Ayer, Berenice Josephine Pennsylvania 

Balcom, Harold Hupp Oklahoma 

Balentine, Ulysses Simpson Arkansas 

Barbee, Willoughby Lipscomb, Jr Texas 

Barham, Kate Elizabeth Tennessee 

Batson, Dodson Tennessee 

Batson, Farris Helfin Alabama 

Beasley, I. D Tennessee 

Beem, Arthur Newton Arkansas 

Belden, Stanley David Oklahoma 

Bentley, Edwin Ray Texas 

Berr}', Raymond Clyde Oklahoma 

Berry, Zora Noble Oklahoma 

Blocker, John Cromwell, Jr Florida 

Bogart, David Clyde Tennessee 

Bond, Gilbert Hale Oklahoma 

Bowie, Clarence Henry Oklahoma 

Bozeman, Albert Snead, Jr Mississippi 

Bradley, William Nock Mississippi 

Brodsky , Gene Oklahoma 

Bums, FredM Tennessee 

Byrd, Adam Monroe Mississippi 

Caldwell Overton Homer Oklahoma 

Carriger, William Harvey Oklahoma 

Carson, William Harkreader Tennessee 

Chalk, Clinton Carroll Maryland 

Chalk, Rubye Brown Texas 

Chestnut, Henry Showers Kentucky 

Chin, David Sh'erming Massachusetts 

Clark, John Kenneth Oklahoma 

Clay, George Stoner Kentucky 

Clement, Archie Tennesseee 

Cochran, Edward Louis IMississippi 

Colbaugh, William Fredrick Oklahoma 

Conner, Charles Warren Oklahoma 

Conner, Lewis Homer Tennessee 

Cornell, Odyne Omega Oklahoma 

Cornish, John Calvin, Jr Oklahoma 

Crow, Alexander Bethel - Kentucky 

Cunningham, Niles Chapman Tennessee 

Davis, J. Fonrose Virginia 

Dickerson, Mason Dean Oklahoma 

Douglas, Tom Newt Missouri 

Doyle, Jacobs Harville Tennessee 

Cumberland University Law School 15 

Durham, Walter Louis, Jr Tennessee 

Edwards, Morris Howgel Texas 

Elliott, Ted Roosevelt Oklahoma 

Ellis, Walter Gideon Oklahoma 

Fitzpatrick. Solon Whitton Tennessee 

Gillespie, Brennan Baird Texas 

Gilbert, Bernard Eugene Pennsylvania 

Gilreath, Samuel Burnham Tennessee 

Glascock, Charles Leon Tennessee 

Gosney, Henr>- Hobson Virginia 

Grasty, Walker Gordon Tennessee 

Graves, John Lafayette Missouri 

Green, William Burton Xorth Carolina 

Grimm, Howard Stanley Ohio 

Grindstaff, Sherman Tennessee 

Grogan, Horace D Texas 

Hackney, James Harvey Florida 

Hailes, R. Thomas . Mississippi 

Hammer, Fred Morris Oklahoma 

Hancock, John J... Wyoming 

Hanley , Chester Franklin Oklahoma 

Harlowe, Stuart Clay Virginia 

Heard, Charles Hugh Texas 

Henderson. DeWitt T Tennessee 

Herndon, Lillian Everett Oklahoma 

Hines, James Richard Kentucky 

Hirschi, William Tell Oklahoma 

Hufifman. ^Malcolm Lawrence Tennessee 

Hughes, James Clifton Kentucky 

Humphre}'. John Bruce Georgia 

Johnson, Franklin Lee Tennessee 

Jones, Clarence V Oklahoma 

Keen, Dixie Douglas Kentucky 

Kellett, Mack Alexander Arkansas 

Kennedy, John Dent Florida 

Kessinger, Benjamin Lee Kentucky 

Kilpatrick. Ralph C Louisiana 

Kitchens, Clyde Bernard Arkansas 

Knee, Irvin Indiana 

Kugle, J. DeWitt, Jr Texas 

KrafTt, William Emil Tennessee 

Lee, Joshua Bryan Oklahoma 

Lenox, Kennard Morris Missouri 

Long. Joe Henr>' Alabama 

Malchow, Harold Charles -Mississippi 

Maxwell. Carl Bethel Arkansas 

Mead , Wilham James, Jr Alabama 

Meek , Edward Clarkson Texas 

Milby , Clemmie O'Connell ._ Kentucky 

Millican, Thomas Wesley Alabama 

Minich, Anthony Wayne Indiana 

MofiFett, Benjamin Green. _ Texas 

Moody, Allen Milton Pennsylvania 

Morehead, Charles Allen ._ _ Mississippi 

16 Cumberland University Law School 

Morrison, John Paris Texas 

Morrow, Robert A New Mexico 

Murphy, John Larkin Indiana 

Murray, David Pope Tennessee 

McCaleb, David C . Texas 

McCoy, Marvin Perl Texas 

McFarland, Guy A Texas 

McKenzie, Lacey Little Oklahoma 

Nichols, Wilford Frank Oklahoma 

Northover, William D Pe'nnsylvania 

Oughterson, Theodore Thompson Tennessee 

Parker, Walter Lawrence Tennessee 

Parks, Roy Hamilton, Jr Tennessee 

Penuel, Mimms Richard Florida 

Phillips, Joe Morrison Tennessee 

Poor, Francis Lord Massachusetts 

Porter, WilHam Joshua Alabama 

Posey, Walter Brownlow Tennessee 

Pounders, Cedric W Oklahoma 

Quillen, Lielmo Matheson Virginia 

Randall, William Harold Missouri 

Ridley, James Vernon Arkansas 

Robertson, Charles H. Wesley Indiana 

Robinson, Charles Allan Tennessee 

Robinson , Lawrence Harry Oklahoma 

Robinson, Olive Feme Iowa 

Rolfe, Charles Gibnan Louisiana 

Rucker, Wayne Newton Oklahoma 

Russell, Oscar A Tennessee 

Seay, Lloyd Johnson Oklahoma 

Smith, William Floyd Oklahoma 

Spears, J. Franklin South Carolina 

Sperry, Wade Randolph Tennessee 

Sprouse, John Draughon Tennessee 

Stewart, William Br}^an Texas 

Strieby, Orland C Indiana 

Strickland, Donald W Alabama 

Tierney, James Wilham Missouri 

Timmons, Wilham Hamilton Florida 

Trammell, Wilson Florida 

Tyler, Thomas Lamar Oklahoma 

Vizard, Paris D Indiana 

W^alker, Alvin Benjamin Missouri 

Ward, Wilham Wylie, Jr Georgia 

West, John L Tennessee 

Wier, Ra>Tnond David Texas 

White, James Bernard Tennessee 

WTiitfield, Otha Kermit Virginia 

Williams, Parham Henry Mississippi 

Wilhams, Mary Gladys Mississippi 

W^illiams, Frank Warmath Tennessee 

Wyant, James Howard, Jr Missouri 

Zellner, Earl Clifton , Texas 

Ziegler, Abraham New York 

Cumberland UmvERSiTY Law School 17 

January, 1926 

Austin, S. A 220 East St., Talladega, Ala. 

Chung, Walter S. B P. O. Box 1533, Honolulu, Hawaii 

Clary, Edna Lov Shawnee, Okla. 

Clement, William Hugh 509 West 17th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Conatser, Oliver C Danville, Ky. 

Corley, Edwin Boyd Alexandria, Tenn. 

Creasy, Luther L Westmoreland, Tenn. 

Ellis, Newton Dewitt Christiana, Tenn. 

Ellison, Floj'd S 734 Schley Ave., San Antonio, Texas 

Fisher, Velmer R 802 So. Orleans, Tampa, Fla. 

Fraley, Martin Charles Hominy, Okla. 

Franklin, James Gallatin, Tenn. 

Grant, Harr\' Liberty, N. Y. 

Harris, Finis Ewing Erin, Tenn. 

Haynes, David Childs Care of Metropolitan Hotel, Ft. Worth, Texas 

Holland, Fred Franklin Lafayette, Tenn. 

Johnson, Howard Christian . Tulsa, Okla. 

Johnson, John Randolph Greensboro, N. C, 

Kirk, Buford Harris Ft. Sumner. Xew Me.xico 

Ledbetter, Greene Courtney Linden, Tenn. 

Lynn, William Harris Ripley, Tenn. 

Massad, Monier Ardmore, Okla. 

Macey, Reece Lillard Lebanon, Tenn. 

Mayer, Joseph. _ _ Belmar, New Jersey 

Mitchell, Americus Sheffield, Ala. 

Moore, Fred A 20 E. Cedar St., Chicago, 111. 

Morgan, Lewis Haydn Soddy, Tenn. 

McDonald, John Hampton Granville, Tenn. 

McKenzie, Jonathan Gore 1708 S. Victor, Tulsa, Okla. 

Orr, Elsie Rhea Smith Jewett, Texas 

Parker, Leo Bratton Vienna, 111. 

Ratliff, Carl E Anson, Texas 

Reed, Edward Golden, Texas 

Ross, Neal J 501 E. Armour Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. 

Rust, John Yellott, Jr San Angelo, Texas 

Shapiro, Saul G 274 N. Main St. , Memphis, Tenn. 

Skidmore, Harold Clyde 2121 Seymore St. , Shreveport, La. 

Small, Van Houston. Pawhuska, Okla. 

Smith, Charles N ! Cleveland, Texas 

Spannagal, Constantine _ Clinton, Mo. 

Spath, Charles E., Jr La Junta, Colo. 

Steele, James A 3022 W. 20th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Stewart. Carl V Huntsville, Ark. 

Torbett, James Alexander 902 Windsor Ave., Bristol, Tenn. 

Walsh, John 1215 Commerce Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 

Wasson, Samuel E.,Jr .Athens, Ga. 

Wells, William Quentin, Jr 1880 Royal St., Beaumont, Texas 

Whcrr>\ Rixey Bell Dallas, Texas 

\Vhlie, Frank Barker. 418 N. Rosedale, Tulsa, Okla. 

Yancey, Charles Austin. ..Riddleton, Tenn. 

18 Cumberland University Law School 

June, 1926 

Adams, James Louis, Jr Selmer, Tenn. 

Akerman, Joe Atlanta, Ga. 

Alvarez, Rafael A. S San German, Porto Rico 

Anderson, William 2168 Highland Ave., Birmingham, Ala. 

Armstrong, Helen Jackson Lanesboro, Mass. 

Aspray, Ivy May Senath, Mo. 

Baird, W. J Lebanon, Tenn. 

Barney, Herbert M., Jr 2408 County Ave., Texarkana, Ark. 

Bell, John Andrew Care of Orbeta Industria, 106 Havana, Cuba 

Boatright, Hugh A Huntsville, Ark. 

Bolen, Harold Jean Wildersville, Tenn. 

Bott, Frank W Lexington, Miss. 

Bourne, Charles D.,Jr Detroit, Texas 

Bringle, Thomas Hughes Covington, Tenn. 

Brooks, Reuben Franklin Moran, Texas 

Brown, Robert Paul Graham, Tenn. 

Butt, Robert Lee Eureka Springs, Ark. 

Byrnes, David J Fullerton, Nebr. 

Calvin, George Barnes Washington, Mo. 

Camp, William Patrick 306 W. Cincinnati Ave., San Antonio, Texas 

Campbell, Ned 1228 S. Henderson Apt. , Fort Worth, Tex. 

Cantor, Moses E 709 Grope St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Carlisle, Robert Taylor Kaufman, Texas 

Carney, Howard P Atlanta, Texas 

Caruthers, Clarence C 1595 McCombe Rd. , Bronx, N. Y. C. 

Cato, Leander S R- R. No. 6, Nashville, Tenn. 

Cella, Paul J., Jr Tucson, Ariz. 

Chambers, Arthur B Lebanon, Tenn. 

Champion, Charles N Box 411, Ardmore, Okla. 

Chapman, Merle M Shawnee, Okla. 

Cicero, Sam 1503 Tampa St., Tampa, Fla; 

Clemer, Marcus M Clyde, Texas 

Coleman, Lucien Edwin Beasley, Ark. 

Copeland, James W., Jr Miami, Fla. 

Cottrell, Richard Fletcher Old Town, Fla. 

Crawford, Louis S Purcell, Okla. 

Crawford, Leonard Ft. Payne, Ala. 

Creech, Brevator Richards -Troy, Mo. 

Cripps, Roy O Lebanon, Tenn. 

Crowley, Joseph Worthington Smith ville, Tenn. 

Crockett, Joseph P Franklin, Tenn. 

Daniel, Roy Joyner 1703 Lucile, Wichita Falls, Texas 

Daugharty, Frank Kenneth 1315 Harvard St., Houston, Texas 

Davidson, Henr>' M 915 16th Ave., N., Seattle, Wash. 

Davis, William C 702 W. French PL, San Antonio, Texas 

Dean, Mrs. Mary C Hotel Chelsea, 222 W. 23rd St., N. Y. C. 

de Dios, Gregoria Vergel Baliwag, Bulacan, Philippine Islands 

de Fere, Roland F 27 Montgomery Ave., Bay Shore, L. I., N. Y. 

Dickson, Price A Bentonville, Ark. 

Eary, Sherman H • 1 Ansted, W. Va. 

Cumberland University Law School 19 

Ederer, Leo F Morton, Minn. 

Edgar Grover D El Paso, Texas 

Ehrgood, George A.__ Reading, Pa. 

Evans, Turner S Lebanon, Tenn. 

Fellbaum, Ernest S 209 E. Park Ave., San Antonio, Texas 

Foust, Wiley W.,Jr Robbins, Tenn. 

Francisco, A. P Bluefield, W. Va. 

Franklin, Lila Clarke Ardmore, Okla. 

Fryer, John Paris, Tenn. 

Gallion, Phillip M Jefferson City, Tenn. 

Gambill, Coble G . Hollis, Okla. 

Gideon, Jack Oliver 1011 Boonville St., Springfield, Mo. 

Giles, Roger G Umatilla, Fla. 

Goldschein, Mat H 1711 Stephen St., Brookl>Ti, N. Y. 

Goodier, Joe Dardanelle, Ark. 

Greenlaw, Roger Douglas Columbia, Tenn. 

Grossenheider, Herman E Los Angeles, Calif. 

Gwosdof, William 506 W. Main St., New Britain, Conn. 

Grant, Raymond Batesville, Ark. 

Hall, Earl P Sunset, Texas 

HaU,_ William S., Jr \\Tiitefield, Okla. 

Hamilton, Robert Bryson 162 Hatton x\ve., Lebanon, Tenn. 

Hamm, Tom Colville Tinsley, Okla. 

Hammond, Kelly James Morgantown, Miss. 

Haralson, William Jeff Fort Payne, Ala. 

Hardin, J. O Princeton, Ky. 

Hardin, Clifford A Pompona, Fla. 

Hargrove, Thomas Edward 418 Humphrey St., Nashville, Tenn. 

Hartsfield, Wiley A Lockhart, Texas 

Harwood, Edwin Philip Houston, Texas 

Hatley, Guy Camden, Tenn. 

Hawk, Clarence Charles Shawnee, Okla. 

Haynie, Robert Bracy Camden, Ark. 

Hearn, F. Jason Haynesville, La. 

Himmelstein, David 595 Linden Blvd., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Himmelstein, H. David 83 Hart St., Borough of Brookl>Ti, N. Y. 

Himmelstein, Robert Ezra 595 Linden Blvd., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Hobbs, Mary McAIester, Okla. 

Howell, Leon P _ 1595 Ave. A. , Beaumont, Tex. 

Human, Roy Alfred Wartberg, Term. 

Hunter, W. H Gladeville, Tenn. 

Huser, John Marshall 315 N. 9th, Okemah, Okla. 

Jackson, James Forbes 818 W. Summit Ave. , San Antonio, Texas 

Jackson, James Leonard 151 Park Ave. , Lebanon, Tenn. 

Johnson, John Guthrie 109 Grace St., Woodlawn, Ala. 

Jones, Winford Starre 509 E. Main St., Glasgow, Ky. 

Kendall, William F 221 Pleasant St., Claremont, N. H. 

Kimzey, William Patton _ Brevard, N. C. 

Kinsey, Joseph D Arcadia, Fla. 

Kirk, William James 331 7th St., Anniston. Ala. 

Klein wachter, William L Holdenville, Okla. 

Koch, Anton Muskogee, Okla. 

Lambdin, Ross McPherson 1114 Austin Ave., Waco, Tex. 

20 Cumberland University Law School 

Layton, James L St. Louis, Mo. 

Lea, William Ethelbert Orange, Texas 

Ligon, John H Carthage, Tenn. 

Maddox, Frances Jewell Stone Mountain, Ga. 

Martin, Fred Wilbourn Haskell, Okla. 

Massey, Karl R Leakeville Springs, N. C. 

May, Samuel D 2699 Tangerine Ave., St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Michael, W. E Niota, Tenn. 

Moore, Andrew Jackson Tulsa, Okla. 

Morgan, David B 801 S. St. Louis, Tulsa, Okla. 

McCafferty, Ralph M Sta. A., R. R. No. 1, Dallas, Tex. 

McCall, Roy C Ashford, N. C. 

McCollum, Floyd L Mason, Texas 

McCourtie, William E Dallas, Texas 

McDonald, Chester Raymond Shawnee, Okla. 

McGill, George W Sodd}^, Tenn. 

McKay, John Taylor Kennett, Mo. 

McMullen, Donald Frederick 526 Piatt St., Tampa. Fla. 

Nail John M 238 Buena Vista, Memphis, Tenn. 

Nash, Orman Price Stigler, Okla. 

Nelson, William D Wichita Fall?, Tex. 

Newton, L. C Kerr, N. C. 

Nicely, Clyde Tatum, Tex. 

Noel, Leonard W Noel, Mo. 

Oaks, Asa M Ethridge, Tenn. 

Ownby, Hugh Box 133, Oklmulgee, Okla. 

Page, Edward M Kingston Springs, Tenn. 

Parker, Hugh Leonard Shelbyville, Tenn. 

Parker, William Dorsey 905 Woodran Ave., Flouston, Texas 

Parks, Rebecca Waverly, Tenn. 

Penn, Blythe Massey Troy, Mo. 

Pennisi, Leonard 12 Winthrop St. , Hartford, Conn. 

Perrella, Leo Wm 289 Sheridan Ave., Albany, N. Y. 

Peters, George Thos Kingston Pike, Knoxville, Tenn. 

Phelps, Ed. H Houston, Texas 

Porta, Francis 1307 W. 21st, Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Presley, William Bryan Senath, Mo. 

Purdy, William C 224 W. 6th, Oklahom.a City, Okla. 

Quinn, Elmer Byron Quinton, Ala. 

Reily, Joe Howard Shawnee, Okla. 

Richard, Gurvis J 15 Hamilton Heath, Tampa, Fla. 

Rigsby, Charles Harmon Orange, Texas 

Runge, Alexander August 1057 10th St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Russell, Elbert Eugene Wartrace, Tenn. 

Sain, Aldwin Gillispie Nashville, Ark. 

Sanford, William H., Jr Philadelphia, Miss. 

Sawyer, Melbourne Shelby 314 So. Nogales, Tulsa, Okla. 

Schafer, Violet Louise 503 E. Courtland Place, San Antonio, Texas 

Schoolfield, Scott Raulston 401 Forrest Ave., N. Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Scruggs, Herbert Arthur Jefferson City, Texas 

Shell, Temple Houston Wichita Falls, Mo. 

Shults, J. Carl. Weatherfords, Okla. 

Siler, Lorenzo Oscar Gatliff, Ky., or Siler, Ky. 

Smith, M. Neal Dallas, Texas 

Cumberland University Law School 21 

Spann, Norman Theodore Headland, Ala. 

Spruill, James Henry Plymouth, Washington Co., N. C. 

Stamper, Henry Grady Decatur, Miss. 

Stevens, Ira Petersburg, Tenn. 

Strickland, William B 1620 10th Ave., S., Birmingham, Ala. 

Striegel, Roy B Perry-ville, Tenn. 

Tatum, Wm. M Prattsville, Ala. 

Taylor, David Frederick, Jr 1941 Union, Memphis, Tenn. 

Taylor, J. Rex R. No. 2, Cartersville, 111. 

Thomason, Luther Pinkney Russellville, Tenn. 

Thompson, Claude E Talequah, Okla. 

Tipton, jNIurley Ernest Limestone, Tenn. 

True, Henry Clay, Jr Springfield, Tenn. 

Underwood, John Earl 2120 Ave. F., Ensley, Ala. 

Waller, M. B.._- Harbor, Ky. 

Watts, Charles Estis Gordonsville, Tenn. 

West, George Henry Ridgeley, Tenn. 

Wilson, Ralph Alexander 926 Liberty Ave., Beaumont, Texas 

Windberg, Charles, Jr El Paso, Texas 

Wright, William Polk 923 S. 9th St., Knoxville, Tenn. 

Wyatt, Tfiomas C 1309 E. Main St., Shawnee, Okla. 

Young, Joseph A Stroud, Okla. 

January, 1927 

Abrahams, Rolland Schwartz Nashville, Tenn. 

Bagwill, J. Howard Willisville, 111. 

Ball, E. Velasco Texarkana, Texas 

Barton, John Clib Ft. Smith, Ark. 

Baurelie, Albert Chas 1540 N. 12th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Beasley, Thomas Earl Centerville, Tenn. 

Branom, Newell Brack Cumby, Texas 

Brown, Earl A Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Busey, Clyde F Wetumka, Okla. 

Bryant, Lester F Parkersburg. W. Va. 

Burnside, Walter Norwood Tampa, Fla. 

Burton. Wm. Henry 1329 Whitaker St., Birmingham, Ala. 

Carl, Chas. S Decatur, Ark. 

Clark, Hubert H Cookeville, Tenn. 

Chesnut, Harold Guy Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Cooper, John Alfred Marion, Ark. 

DonncU, Ralph Tinsley Lebanon, Tenn. 

Dumbrigue, Cecil E Philippine Islands 

Eichcl. Charles 827 S. First St., Evansville, Ind. 

Freeman, Harold Wm Paul's Valley. Okla. 

Gevedcn, Robert Lindsey Bardwcll, Ky. 

Gullett, Bcrthel B Nashville, Tenn. 

Haight, Willett Miller ...Shawnee, Okla. 

Harrcll, I.immie Lee Dyer, Tenn. 

Harvey, Dennis M _ East Chicago, Ind. 

Henry, Fred Maryvillc, Tenn. 

22 Cumberland University Law School 

Jeter, Robert George Dresden, Tenn. 

Johnson, George Clyde 205 E. Washington St., Athens, Ala. 

Jones, Reese Cotton Plant, Ark. 

Kennedy, Do)'le Spillman 4302 N. Ashland Ave. , Chicago, 111. 

Lasiter, David Wade Morrilton, Ark. 

Law, Robert Mooney Tampa, Fla. 

Makoff , Arthur Lenoir, N. C. 

Matlock, Edgar Lee Van Buren, Ark. 

Moore, Donald Wells Shelb3'ville, Tenn. 

Moore, Lake Muskogee, Okla. 

McKay, Alvin B Pollock, La. 

Neidhart, Henry S Pocatello, Idaho 

Pajme, David Oscar Lakeland, Fla. 

Payne, Lewis C Carthage, Tenn. 

Pettus, Thomas Coleman Athens, Ala. 

Ravson, Sherman Harold 1213 Dixwell Ave., New Haven, Conn. 

Roop, Wm. S Christian sburg, Va. 

Rothar, Wm. A Miami, Fla. 

Smith, Forrest S Gainesville, Fla. 

Tafuri, Joseph Wakefield, R, I. 

ToUiver, Zac Lebanon, Tenn. 

Treadwell, Edgar Douglas Arcadia, Fla. 

Vaden, Howard Clay Gordonsville, Tenn. 

Vaughan, Lemuel G Gray burg, Texas 

von Bloombergh, Augustus James Birmingham, Ala. 

Wallace, Grady Willard Sapulpa, Okla. 

Whidden, Marshall Tilden Arcadia, Fla. 

Yearwood, Alton P Ft. Meade, Fla. 

June, 1927 

Abrams, Joseph Clarence 1114 N. Cleveland Ave., Sherman, Texas 

Aimar, Charles Emile Charleston, S. C. 

Alexander, Benjamin F Cumberland Gap, Tenn. 

Alford, Millard William Okolona, Ark. 

Allen, Alton Crouch Hallettsville, Texas 

AUred, Sam Houston, Jr Hillsboro, Texas 

Armijo, Jose Enrique Las Vegas, N. Mex. 

Atwater, James M., Jr Burlington, N. C. 

Aynesworth, Hiram K Stinnett, Texas 

Barber, Raleigh Thomas Jacksonville, Fla. 

Beam, Maurice K 406 S. Maple St., McPherson, Kansas 

Bennett, Odell N. Alexandria, Tenn. 

Bennett, Stanley LeRoy Jamesburg, N. J. 

Bentle, Arthur Henderson ville, Tenn. 

Bisciotti, Felix A 955 Genessee St., Rochester, N. Y. 

Boone, Hugh Craig Daniel Booneville, Tenn. 

Bowman, Byrne Arnold Muskogee, Okla. 

Bracewell, Reginald S 311 Scandlan Bldg., Houston, Texas 

Brenner, William Nisson 1431 4th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Burroughs, Robert Edgar Buffalo, Texas 

Cumberland University Law School 23 

Busey, Ralph L Wetumka, Okla. 

Camp, James Welsey Sparta, Tenn. 

Campbell, Raymond Clarence Elizabethton, Tenn. 

Carlton, Sidney Langford Hamilton, Texas 

Cate, George Harrison 1423 Franklin Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

Cohen, Louis Samuel 120 Capitol Ave., Hartford, Conn. 

Cooper, Samuel William Philadelphia, Miss. 

Cousins, Walter Joseph 283 Meeker Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Cox, Wayne A Tro}^ Tenn. 

Crain, Melvin L Winchester, Ky. 

Craig, Clifford Fletcher 515 Travis St., Shreveport, La. 

Davidson, Henry Converse 686 Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Dean, Odis White Deer, Texas 

Dawes, Burch Wilbum Wahlequah, Okla. 

Devine, James Percival 630 Grandview, Pawhuska, Okla. 

DiCicco, Dominic Leslie 39 Wilson St. , Worcester, Mass. 

Dock, Mortimer Russell 1210 Eighth Ave., Watervliet, N. Y. 

Douglas, Lawrence Young Dunedia, Fla. 

Driskill, Henr>^ Hoyt Ada, Okla. 

Duncan, Charles Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Dunn, Francis B 848 E. 6th St., Port Arthur, Texas 

Elder, Wilham Herman Abanda, Ala. 

Ellis, RoNle Goldmon Springfield, Mo. 

Ellison, Willis Wayne Nixon, Texas 

Elrod, Johnie \'aden Murfreesboro, Tenn. 

Essary, Ernest Watson, Jr Lexington, Tenn. 

Evans, George Escar Lebanon, Tenn., R. No. 1 

Evans, James Charles Lebanon, Tenn., R. No. 1 

Ferguson, William Seymore ^ Morenci, .Ariz. 

Flaxman, Bernard David 58Belden St., Hartford, Conn. 

Fox, Charles D 1118 Litton Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

Fox, Leo B. C 241 Palm St., Hartford, Conn. 

Fraker, Berthold Bright Chuckey, Tenn. 

Garbcr, Lester Joseph 6313 S. Roseberg PL, St. Louis. Mo. 

Gaston, David Finis HI Lebanon, Tenn. 

Goodman, Thomas Hill Knoxville, Tenn., Box 1088 

Greth, Carl Frederick Jackson, Mich. 

Hamlin, Cedric G. 722 Mercantile Nat. Bk. Bldg., Dallas, Texas 

Hankins, William Robert Hartsville, Tenn. 

Harrell. Joel Reagan Throckmorton, Texas 

Harsh, George, Jr Bank of Commerce Bldg., Memphis, Tenn. 

Hartley, Thomas Allen Maben, Miss. 

Hartman, .Andrew Jackson GreeneviJlc, Tenn. 

Hatcher, Everette M Franklin, Tenn. 

Hatfield, Roy Lee. Box 241, Albany, Ala. 

Hays, Chesterfield Arcadia, Fla. 

Hays, William Basil DeLand, Fla. 

Hazel, Scth F., Jr .Lindsay, Okla. 

Hedgepeth, Thomas Harvey Monticello, Miss. 

Henry, Patrick 1532 N. Highland, Hollywood, CaliL 

Hill, Clarence Malcolm, Jr Tarpon Springs, Fla. 

Hill. Hoyle ....2823 W. 14th St., Little Rock, Ark. 

Hinkle, Henry, Jr .Lindsay, Okla. 

Hodgson, Arthur Joseph Russellville, Ark. 

24 Cumberland University Law School 

Holladay, John Denny Cookeville, Tenn. 

Halstead, George Adriance \Miite Plains, N. Y. 

Horner, William I 1501 Hawkins St. , Nashville, Tenn. 

Horton, Guy Leslie El Reno, Okla. 

Horton, Norman 309 Lowery St.. Hugo, Okla. 

Humphrey, George James 614 Hastings St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Hunv-itz, Jacob A 434 W. 120th St.. N. Y. C. 

Jeffiies, Charles Edward Sherman, Texas 

Jenkins, Joe Lee 1811 Russell St. , Nashville, Tenn. 

Jent, Connie Robert LaFayette, Tenn. 

Kelly, Albert Allan So. Pittsburg, Tenn. 

Kerr, Wilham L Pecos, Texas 

Kettler, Charles Joseph Luveme, Ala. 

Kibilka, Henry Walter 228 Buckland St., La Salle, 111. 

King, Wm. J. R 102 S. Winnetka St. , Dallas, Texas 

Kirchik, Jack R 4 E. Flagler St., Miami, Fla. 

Kizziar, Hood D 906 Bernett, Wichita Falls, Texas 

Kneibler, Arthur William 529 N. W. 14th Ave., Miami, Fla. 

Kramer, Harry S., Jr E. St. Louis, 111. 

Lackey, Travis 441 Stinnett, Texas 

Lamun, B}Ton Bolivar, Mo. 

Langford, Charles Francis Cookeville, Tenn. 

Langford, Elmer Andrew Cookeville, Tenn. 

Larr. George Lovell, Jr Vicksburg, Miss. 

Latting, William F 2016 E. Admiral Blvd. . Tulsa. Okla. 

Lawson, Emma Lou Pulaski, Term. 

Leggett, Geo. R Bismarck, Mo. 

Leslie, Frank Shidler, Okla. 

Lewis, Sidney Clinton, Jr Dover, Tenn. 

Lintz, Hunley C Greeneville, Tenn., R. 13 

Lockwood, Gurdon D 5503 Lindell St., Dallas, Texas 

Loffredo, Vincent Manley 127 S. Bay St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Loughnane, Emma Lapeer, Mich. 

Lowe, Almus G Bruceton, Tenn. 

Lusk, Egbert Eugene 608 E. Pine St.. Lakeland, Fla. 

Maris, Lester Russell 119 N. Elm St., Ponca City, Okla. 

Marsh, Hubert Royal 1010 Bank of Bay Biscayne, Miami, Fla. 

Masterson, Bennett 1619 Tyler St., Amarillo, Texas 

Maxwell, Alfred James Siloam Springs, Ark. 

Miller, H. Leonard. . _ 912 S. Willett St. , Memphis, Tenn. 

Mobley, Aaron J 4 Carroll St. . Nashville. Tenn. 

Montgomery, Andrew Kaye Estancia, N. Mex. 

Montgomery, Jack W Versailles, Ky. 

Moody, Milo V Scottsboro, Ala. 

Moore, J. Lester Cumberland City, Tenn. 

Moore, Watt Hughes Jackson, Tenn. 

Morgan, Charles S Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Murchison, Henry Carmack Jackson, Tenn. 

Myers, Ernest K 932 Howard Ave., New Orleans, La. 

McCann, John W'ard Spiro, Okla. 

McClain, Will Kelly Lebanon, Tenn. 

McClay, Paul R Donna, Texas 

Nelson, Albert Ayres 307 N. 16th St., Muskogee, Okla. 

Nelson, Roy Clayton Grundy, Va. 

Cumberland University Law School 25 

Nicols, Walter Eamett Durant, Miss. 

Oglesby, Jack Emerson Winnfield, La. 

Paris, John Oliver Smithville, Tenn. 

Pamell, Fred S 412 \V. Mobile St. , Florence, Ala. 

Patterson, William Franklin, Jr Ft. Worth, Texas 

Pettinger, Helen Margaret 1409 Montana St., El Paso, Texas 

Payne, Edgar E Muskogee, Okla. 

Peace, Robert Harvey Emerson, Ark. 

Peavy, James Walter 876 Jordan St., Shreveport, La. 

Pike, Monroe 12 Hinsdale St., Brookl>Ti, N. Y. 

Polk, Lucius Eugene 5330 Pershing Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Poore, Jay William Hohenwald, Tenn. 

Priddy, Richard M Russellville, Ark. 

Quimby, Curtis J Jefferson City, Mo. 

Ray, Charles Marcus, Jr Bessemer, Ala. 

Rhine, Lyle Verne Manhattan, Kans. 

Roberts, Earl E Lamar, Mo. 

Roberts, John Henderson Martin, Ky. 

Sadler, Earl Hugh 1508 W. 22nd St. . Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Simmonite, Henr>' G 719 N. W. 13th Ave. . Miami. Fla. 

Simmons, James Ben WTiiteville, Tenn. 

Sinclair, F. Willard 1027 Jackson St., Easton. Pa. 

Sloan, Eugene Holloway _ Lebanon, Tenn. 

Smith, Frank D Cartersville, Ga. 

Smith, Joseph Patrick 200 E. 166th St., Bronx, N. Y. C. 

Sommerville, Sidney Elizabeth Grafton, W. Va. 

Squires, Houston Dunlay Lenoir, N. C. 

Stewart, Vick Winchester, Tenn. 

Swain, Gladstone Benjamin 437 Devine St., San Antonio, Texas 

Swallows, William Lee Algood, Tenn. 

Taylor, George Roy Van Buren, Ark. 

Taylor, Gordon Letcher 109 Lexington St., Covington, Va. 

Taylor, Tom J Etowah, Tenn. 

Tipton, John Emily 2005 W. 18th St. , Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Vick, Thomas Haywood 3101 Frederick St., Shreveport. La. 

Voges, Richard Dietrich, Jr Poth, Texas 

Wallace, Webster Graham 2865 S. W. 15th St., Miami, Fla. 

Weibel, Theodore E Sapulpa, Okla. 

Walker, William May 306 So. Duval St.. Tallahassee. Fla. 

Weaver, John Theodore 157 W. 73rd St., N. Y. C. 

Whitaker, John G Waco, Texas, R. No. 2, Box 28 

Wilde, August W 419 Hays Ave., Jackson, Tenn. 

Witherspoon, Douglas Francis Weatherford, Okla. 

Wolf, David Judah 5647 Richmond Ave., Dallas, Texas 

Wood, Percy Green. 627 Alabama Ave., Selmer, Ala. 

Woodroof, Elvin Wliites Creek, Tenn. 

Yarbrough, Homer Bryan Ponder, Texas 

Yuen, Parkin T.. _ 18 Harrison Ave., Boston, Mass. 

26 Cumberland University Law School 

January, 1928 

Blakeley, Eleanor Ruth Meehan, Miss. 

Bonner, Cecil Travis , Lebanon, Tenn. 

Braswell, Edwin Forsythe 2723 Ave. E., Ensley, Ala. 

Brooks, Maurice Van Buren Abilene, Texas 

Bucklew. Sam Box 446, Tampa, Fla. 

Cargill, Troy Audre}^ Prague, Okla. 

Clark, Henry Harvey, Jr Christiana, Tenn. 

Clem, Joseph Oscar Fort Wayne, Ind. 

Coxsey, Theodore P , Green Forest, Ark. 

DeFoor, James Martin 315 N. Cherry, East Point, Ga. 

Denson, Emma B Truman, x\rk. 

Dre3'er, Harry Marion Burlington, Okla. 

Earthman. Harold H Murfreesboro, Tenn. 

Edwards, William Longe Clarksville, Texas 

Fain, W. R., Jr Clarksville, Tenn. 

Falkner, Grady Carroll 5709 Seminole Ave., Tampa, Fla. 

Farraw, G. C Anson, Texas 

Few, William Clem Derma, Miss. 

Flentge, Harrv Weldon Gatesville, Texas 

Fluhr, Samuel 295 So. 5th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Foster, Ra3'mond LeRoy Minnsville, X. Y. 

Garland, Edgar E Mountain City, Tenn. 

Garner, Curtis E 5116 Hillcrest Ave. . Little Rock, Ark. 

Goldberg, Irving Jacob 4138 Jerome Ave., Ozone Park, N. Y. 

Harris, Ewing Jackson Sylvia, Tenn. 

Hays, James Morrison, Jr Okmulgee, Okla. 

Humphrey, James G Telford, Tenn. 

Kidd, Robert Morris Beaumont, Texas 

Kortes, John Henry Telluride, Colo. 

Little, Ronald Erl 830 St. John Ave. , Dversburg, Tenn. 

Mathews. George Richard, Jr 218 Green St. , Rock Hill, S. C. 

Nash, Kenneth White Williamsburg, Mass. 

Neff, James Xewsom Orange, Texas 

Pasternack. Joseph Edward 55 Action St. , Hartford, Conn. 

Ramse}', Langford Polan 157 Clark Place, Memphis, Tenn. 

Russo, John 60 Gulden St., New Brunswick, N. J. 

Sandlin, Hugh Martin Byhalia, Miss. 

Sayre, Don Castle 448 N. Topeka, Wichita, Kansas 

Shannon, James Jackson Lebanon, Tenn. 

Smith. Robert Howard Wilhamsburg, Ky. 

Smith, Tracy Thurman. Snyder, Texas 

Snell, Murrell Watkins Phenix, Va. 

Stone, Hardy Ross, Jr Meridian, Miss. 

Sumner, Earl Keith Fort Pierce, Fla. 

Tidwell, Frank Eugene 34 N. Euxgran, Memphis, Tenn. 

Tilghman, Simmons P Crisfield, Md. 

Todd, x\ndrew L.,Jr Murfreesboro, Tenn. 

Wheeler, Henr\' Raymond Gawley, Texas 

Whitelaw, Benjamin Whitehurst Brownsville, Tenn. 

Cumberland University Law School 27 

June, 1928 

Anderson, Garland Haden Okolona, Miss. 

Baily, Louis E 314)^ Broadway, Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Baker, James Omar Corbin, Ky. 

Baker, O. I 1709 11th St., Port Arthur, Texas 

Bandel, Louie 2838 Hirschell St., Miami, Fla. 

Barry, J. Addison Lebanon, Tenn. 

Bath, T. Arnold Marshall, Texas 

Beard, A. J., Jr Jacksonville, Ala. 

Beard, Oliver Douglas Jacksonville, Ala. 

Beavers, John J 727 N. Union St., St. Louis, Mo. 

Blair, Samuel Cook Jefferson City, Mo. 

Blanks, Olin San Angelo, Texas 

Bledsoe, John H 705 Hillsboro Ave., Tampa, Fla. 

Blumhagen, Emmanuel Drake, Xo. Dak. 

Bond, I. M Lindsay, Okla. 

Boone, Claud W Gainesville, Mo. 

Boone, Samuel Paul Gainesville, Mo. 

Boyd, William Burke 1818 S. Miami Ave., Miami, Fla. 

Brady, Robert S Spencer, Tenn. 

Braly, John Allen 1725 Fairmont St. , Fort Worth, Texas 

Brandon, James M 708 N. Union St., Natchez, Miss. 

Brogdon, James Thomas 2417 Vanderbilt Place, Nashville, Tenn. 

Brooks, Madison Ben Forney, Texas 

Buckles, Ralph Ernest 721 E. Orange St., Lakeland, Fla. 

Burleson, Omar T Anson, Texas 

Burns, Thomas Curtis Tuscumbia, Ala. 

Buzzell, Hillard Hodgdon Belfast, Me. 

Campbell, Courtland Delmas 4162 Capitol Ave., Jefferson City, Mo. 

Canale, D. James 549 S. Belvedere, Memphis, Tenn. 

Candler, Milton Asa, Jr Corinth, Miss. 

Canville, John Bernard 1003 Perrine Bldg., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Case, Clarence C Jackson, Miss. 

Cheek, William Brandel New Middleton, Tenn. 

Christie, Sidney Lee Sinks Grove, W. Va. 

Clark, Joe P Franklin , Ky. 

Colley, Jesse W Bowers Mill, Mo. 

Cooper, A Memphis, Tenn. 

Corlett, Edward Stanley, Jr Miami, Fla. 

Crawford, Evan Wharton 1313 Laurel St., Pine Bluff, Ark. 

Criswell, Raymon Elery Seminola, Okla. 

Cunningham, Clay Carter 333 Burr Rd., San .Antonio, Texas 

Curry, Lee V. S Kermit, W. Va. 

Daffan, Lawrence Bliss. San Antonio. Texas 

Daugherty, Phil E 710 E. 9th St.. Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Davis, Robert Wyche, Jr 1043 E. Univ. Ave., Gainesville, Fla. 

DeBois, James Duke 125 W. 20th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

DeFord, Risden Davis Savannah, Tenn. 

Dejarnett, Eulen E Essex, Mo. 

Dillon, W. Adelbert Cherokee, Okla. 

28 Cumberland University Law School 

Dorsa, Eugene E Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Edwards, Orren Oliver Mayo, Fla. 

Embich, William Fortune Miami, Fla. 

Ethredge, James Tyre DeSoto City, Fla. 

Faucette, Robert Edward Bristol, Tenn. 

Firestone, Vem Delmar Kingfisher, Okla. 

Foster, Hardin Stapleton 2306 Belmont Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

Fulmer, Raymond North Mishawaka, Ind. 

Garrett, Burns Dresden, Tenn. 

Gerron, Orion Elwin Waxahachie, Texas 

Gober, Curtis Arlo luka. Miss. 

Goodrum, John Marvin Seguin, Texas 

Gray, William Francis, Jr Franklin, Tenn. 

Gregory, Thomas Russell Nashville, Tenn. 

Hardin, James Lyle Lakeland, Fla. 

Hardin, William Gregg Lakeland, Fla. 

Harrison, David S 829 Braddock Rd., Cumberland, Md. 

Harsh, Richard Herbert Gallatin, Tenn. 

Havron, John Harrison Madison, Fla. 

Heiple, Harold Levie 221 E. 8th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Heiss, John Louis, Jr Gulfport, Miss. 

Henson, Theodore Montigue Poplar Bluff, Mo. 

Hester, Talmage Alfred Tuckerman, Ark. 

Hillendahl, Harris x\drian 1601 Harold St., Houston, Texas 

Hooker, John Edgar 207 Martin Ave., Pine Bluff, Ark. 

Hooper, Argus Reed Commerce, Okla. 

Hubbert, Cecil Foscue 1824 6th Ave., Ft. Worth, Texas 

Humphreys, Douglas David, Jr Hohenwald, Tenn. 

Infield, Eari G Barnsdall, Okla. 

Jenkins, John Buford 2113 Highland Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

Johnson, Bronce F. Kingston, Tenn. 

Johnson, William Edwin Fayetteville, Tenn. 

Jung, Emil Alex San Antonio, Texas 

Kennedy, Loyd Robert Care Y. M. C. A., Ft. Worth, Texas 

Killough, Frank Decatur, Texas 

Klein, Gerald B 1342 S. Norfolk Ave., Tulsa, Okla. 

Lamanna, George Cussat Lattimer Mines, Pa. 

Lamb, Nathan W. Scott 609 12th St., Knoxville, Tenn. 

Lawing, Chester 1908 W. 13th Ave. , Pine Bluff, Ark. 

Lawton, Robert C Mira, La. 

Leedy, Charles Burton Arnett, Okla. 

L'Engle, Claud Jacksonville, Fla. 

Lester, Clarence Kingsley 3702 Yoakum, Houston, Texas 

Linne, Alton Calvin Seguin, Texas 

Lyons, Charles Albert Waverly Hotel, Miami Beach, Fla. 

Marsh, Neill Chunn, Jr El Dorado, Ark. 

Marshall, Richard Naylor Centerville, Tenn. 

Martin, A. Eugene 214 Cal-Wayne Bldg., Ft. Wayne, Ind. 

Mead, Joseph S 3020 12th Ave., N., Birmingham, Ala. 

Merritt, James B Kulso, Ark. 

Minneci, Christ Sears 3346 Monroe St., Chicago, 111. 

McCarty, Chas. W Fairfax, Okla. 

McCormick, C. T., Jr Russellville, Ky. 

McCoy, Murray Port Arthur, Texas 

Cumberland University Law School 29 

McCulla, Laurence Cleaves 606 Cedar St., Cherokee, Iowa 

McDonald, James Milburn West Palm Beach, Fla. 

McGinnis, Donald Franklin Beckley, W. Va. 

Neeley, C. Arendal 2312 S. W. 16th Terrace, Miami, Fla. 

Neeley, John H 2312 S. W. 16th Terrace, Miami, Fla. 

Nye, Luther Armbrister Okemah, Okla. 

Ogden, David Walter Ardmore, Okla. 

Parks, Tilman Bacon, Jr El Dorado, Ark. 

Parrott, Frederic W 707 W. Church St., Newport, Tenn. 

Peak, Charles A 2705 Texas St., Greenville, Texas 

Peterson, Ben Mahon 1746 S. W. 9th St., Miami, Fla. 

Phillips, Emerson Ross Superior, Nebr. 

Planteen, Ralph R 221 W. 9th, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Ponder, Gloria C Causway Blvd. , Tampa, Fla. 

Ponder, Laurence Floumoy^ Causway Blvd., Tampa, Fla. 

Powell, Flubert Franklin West Palm Beach. Fla. 

Pritchett, John Alfred Sharondale Drive, Nashville, Tenn. 

Purvis, Walter Marshall 4502 Abbott St., Dallas, Texas 

Puryear, William Pierce Gallatin, Tenn. 

Radebaugh, Otis Barclay 216 Whittier Circle, Orlando, Fla. 

Reece, Lemiel Lafayette Butler, Tenn. 

Reich, Frank Lord III 1327 Fish Market St., Louisville, Miss. 

Robertson, Jacob Marion Mt. Leonard, Mo. 

Robertson, William Edward, Jr Tracy City, Tenn. 

Rutherford, Vivion B 319 N. E. 23rd St., Miami. Fla. 

Seibald, Ted E 513 S. 13th, Muskogee, Okla. 

Shaw, Alton David Blackwell, Okla. 

Shook, Philip Claywell .215 W. Mistletoe Ave., San Antonio. Texas 

Slack, John Charles Bristol, Tenn. 

Smith, Felix Leslie Hot Springs, Ark. 

Smith, Gilbert C Anson, Texas 

Smith, K. Van Zandt Ft. Worth, Texas 

Smith, Thomas O. H 3709 Richland Ave., Nashville, Tenn. 

Starnes, Oscar Buford 420 S. College St., Lebanon, Tenn. 

Stewart. Fred, Jr Ava, Mo. 

Stobbe. William Ralph McKenzie. Tenn. 

Stough, James Edsall Jacksonville. Ala. 

Surrency. John Robert Memphis, Tenn. 

Tate, Cecil Henry Giddings. Texas 

Thomas, Emlyn Hiteman. Iowa 

Viner, Ernest Donal Hardy. Ark. 

Vivier, John Augustus Brownsville, Texas 

Warren, John Learning. _ Holdenville. Okla. 

Wasserman, Alfred Lee 804 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, Fla. 

Wax, Charles Samuel Palm Beach, Fla. 

Weir, Gordon Page Greenfield, Mo. 

Welch, Daniel Morton .Antlers, Okla. 

Whitwcll, Oscar Dwight. Ponca City, Okla. 

Wilson, Sidney Kyle.. Bellefontaine, Ohio 

Wood, Joe Howell Woodbury, Tenn. 

Woodfin. John Thomas, Jr _ _ Murfrecsboro, Tenn. 

Wooten, John Davis Manchester, Tenn. 

Wright, Thurman Bismarck, No. Dak. 

30 Cumberland University Law School 

Spring Term, 1928 

Bartlett, Wesson W Texas 

Bertram, George C Tennessee 

Bishop, Herman A Oklahoma 

Bludworth, Glenn Florida 

Bonnell, Clyde H Oklahoma 

Borman, Murray Monroe New York 

Boyd, Terry S Missouri 

Brannon, L. Hiram Florida 

Buchanan, J. P Tennessee 

Coopman , Edwin Texas 

Cox, Charles Hayden. Tennessee 

Cunningham, Paul York Oklahoma 

Cunningham, Sothron Texas 

Davis, Ernest Julian Oklahoma 

Davis. Jack Harrison Texas 

Dickson, R. Temple Texas 

Dorn, Weems C Alabama 

Dowlin, Victor Hugo . Tennessee 

Drew, Charles H Oklahoma 

Emmett, Lewis B Tennessee 

Faver, Glenn Texas 

Fitts, Jim Morgan Tennessee 

Fullerton, Richard C New Jersey 

Geer, Custo C Tennessee 

Gelberman, Roy Harold Tennessee 

Gillis, Edwin Walden Florida 

Gordon, James Oklahoma 

Haley, John Louisville Kentucky 

Havron, Henry B Florida 

Humphreys, Allison, Jr Tennessee 

Jarrett, Kenneth Oklahoma 

Jenkins, Olivia Tennessee 

Johnson, E. Foster ^- Tennessee 

Johnson, Paul C Florida 

Kimbrough, Miller Glascock Tennessee 

Kirk, Carl Edwin Illinois 

Lacky , Glenn Texas 

Lockhart, William Otto Florida 

Matheny, Ernest E Tennessee 

Menefee, John A Texas 

Moore, William Newton, Jr Florida 

Murray, Robert M Tennessee 

Myers, Norris Alexander Nebraska 

McCasland, Joe ^ Texas 

McClaren, Lowry Straiten Tennessee 

McDaniel, Monte Tennessee 

McDougald, James R Texas 

Cumberland University Law School 31 

Nicholson, Mathew Ernest Texas 

Norton. Burford James Oklahoma 

Parkhurst. Millard Texas 

Patterson, Joe Turner Mississippi 

Payne, Jennings Oscar Oklahoma 

Peck, Robert Lee, Jr Tennessee 

Richardson, David Eugene Florida 

Roddie. Leonox Young Oklahoma 

Rowsey, William Edgar, Jr Georgia 

Sapp. Everett Council Georgia 

Seibold. George W., Jr Oklahoma 

Spiess, H. Waldo New Mexico 

Shapiro, Joseph Florida 

Skelton. Arch Mason Missouri 

Smith, Dick Mississippi 

Stover, Ralph Allen Oklahoma 

Tauriello, Anthony Francis New York 

Taylor, William Ferguson Mississippi 

Thagard, Thomas Werth Alabama 

Timmy, Harry \\' Pennsylvania 

Trueman, Howard Augustus Florida 

Tucker, Wallace Lee Tennessee 

Upton, Charles Burns Kentucky 

Van Aller, Doris Alabama 

Wallin, S. Eldridge North Carolina 

Webster. Buford Stanley Kentucky 

Wiig, Howard Edgerton Florida 

Wilson, Eugene, Jr Texas 

Woolsey, Elmo Murray Tennessee 

Wynn , John Clarke Florida 


With a view to indicating to some extent the influence of the 
Law School upon the country, it has been thought proper to give a 
list of some of the more prominent men who received their legal 
education here. The names here inserted are only a partial list. 

Of about 4,500 graduates, and many more who took part of the 
course, hundreds have distinguished themselves at the bar and 
otherwise, whose names, for want of space, cannot be given in this 

The Faculty will thank all our alumni who will suggest names to 
be added to this roll hereafter. 

William B. Bate, U. S. Senator, Tennessee. 
Joseph W. Bailey, U. S. Senator, Texas. 

32 Cumberland University Law School 

Howell E. Jackson, late Judge Supreme Court, U. S. 
James D. Porter, ex-Governor, Tennessee. 
James B. McCreary, Governor, Kentucky; U. S. Senator. 
Horace H. Lurton, Judge Supreme Court, U. S. 
W. M. McDoweii, Judge, lennessee. 
David Davis Shelby, U. S. Circuit Judge. 
E. S. Hammond, U. S. District Judge. 
C. D. Clark, U. S. District Judge. Tennessee. 
John F. House, late M. C, Tennessee. 
\V. C. Caldwell, Judge Supreme Court, Tennessee. 
WilUam D. Beard, Chief Justice Supreme Court, Tennessee. 
S. F. Wilson, Judge Court Chancery Appeals, Tennessee. 
M. M. Neil, Chief Justice Supreme Court, Tennessee. 
Robert Hatton, General, Confederate Army. 
Sterling Pierson, Chancellor, Tennessee. 
. M. E. Benton, M. C, Missouri. 
R. S. Anderson, Judge, Texas. 
I. E. Riddick, Supreme Judge, Arkansas. 
Theodore Brantley, Chief Justice, Montana. 
\V. G. Taliaferro, Judge, Texas. 
N. N. Cox, M. C, Tennessee. 
Thomas A. McClellan, Chief Justice, Alabama. 
Henry A. Sharp, Supreme Judge, Alabama. 
R. C. DeGraffenreid, M. C, Texas. 
A. G. Norell, Judge, Utah. 
Charles P. Clint, Judge, Texas. 

A. M. Byrd, M. C, Mississippi. 
H. 0. Head, Judge, Texas. 

Ira Landrith, General Secretarj^ Y. P. S. C. E., Boston, Mass. 

B. J. Tarver, Chancellor, Tennessee. 
Grant Green, Judge, x\rkansas. 
William M. Hart, Judge, Tennessee. 
Morgan C. Fitzpatrick, jM. C, Tennessee. 
Sterling Crockrell, Judge Supreme Court, Arkansas. 
L. B. Valhant, Chief Justice, Missouri. 

M. H. Mabry, Supreme Judge, Florida. 
A. J. Abernathy, Chancellor, Tennessee. 
John S. Cooper, Chancellor, Tennessee. 
J. W. Bonner, Judge, Tennessee. 
R. P. Caldwell, M. C, Tennessee. 
Edward H. East, Chancellor, Tennessee. 

A. G. Merritt, Chancellor, Tennessee. 
James Hurt, Judge Court of Appeals, Texas. 
L. C. Gauze, M. C, Arkansas. 

H. J. Livingston, Chancellor, Tennessee. 
J. H. Acklen, M. C, Louisiana. 
Zack Taylor, M. C, Tennessee. 
W. H. Gill, Judge, Texas. 

B. B. Battle, Supreme Judge, Arkansas. 
B. A. Enloe, M. C, Tennessee. 
William H. Williamson, Judge, Tennessee. 
H. M. Somerville, Supreme Judge, Alabama. 
J. C. Kyle, M. C, Tennessee. 

"Private" John Allen, M. C, Mississippi. 

Cumberland University Law School 33 

H. N. Hutton, Judge, Arkansas. 

H. C. Speake, Judge, Alabama. 

John W. Burgess, Dean Columbia University Law School, New York. 

Reuben R. Gaines, Chief Justice, Texas. 

John C. Ferris, Judge, Tennessee. 

W. P. Caldwell, M. C, Tennessee. 

E. I. Golladay, M. C, Tennessee. 

H. Y. Riddle, M. C, Tennessee. 

James Breathett, Judge, Kentucky, 

W. S. McLemore, Judge, Tennessee. 

Granville Ridley, Judge, Tennessee. 

J. J. DuBose, Judge, Tennessee. 

S. A. Rogers, Judge, Tennessee. 

Levi S. Woods, Judge, Tennessee. 

John A. Fite, Judge, Tennessee. 

J. S. Gribble, Chancellor, Tennessee. 

John Somers, Chancellor. Tennessee. 

H. C. Snodgrass, M. C, Tennessee. 

I. H. Goodnight, M. C. and Judge, Kentucky. 

T. C. Lyons, Chanct llor, Mississippi 

J. B. Lamb, .Attorney-General, Florida. 

William L. Martin. Attorney-General, Alabama. 

Ri( hard Morgan, Judge, Texas. 

Houston M' Curtain, Judge, Indian Territory. 

J. C. McDonald, General, Confederate Army, Indian Territory. 

Henry McCorry, Judge, Tennessee. 

D. A. Nunn, M. C., Tennessee. 

William Poindexter, Judge, Texas. 

Pa>Tie T. Prim, Judge, Oregon. 

J. W. Phillips, Judge, Missouri. 

W. B. Rogers, U. S. Attorney, Montana. 

J. L. Rogers, M. C, Texas. 

T. C. Randall, Judge, Kentucky. 

W. H. Andrews, Judge, Texas. 

S. Arakawa, Professor Imperial Universit}', Japan. 

George Anderson, Judge, Mississippi. 

B. D. Bell, Supreme Judge, Tennessee. 

Emory Fisk Best, Assistant Attorney-General, Interior Department, 

United States Government. 
W. R. Cox, M. C, North Carolina. 
J. D. Cole, General, Confederate Army, Tennessee. 
A. H. Carrigan, Judge, Texas. 
Warren Coleman, Judge, Mississippi. 

Alex W. Campbell, General, Confederate Army, Tennessee. 
Lucien Earle, Judge, Kansas. 
Hiei Fukunoka, Professor of Law, Japan. 
M. C. Giv< ns. Judge, Kentucky. 
T. D. Stames, Judge, Texas. 
M. B. Talley, Judge, Texas. 

C. K. Wheeler, M. C, Kentucky. 
Richard Warner, M. C, Tennessee. 

T. E. Whitfield, General, Confederate Army. 

R. W. Simpson, District Judge, Texas. 

R. C. Simpson, Supreme Court Judge, Alabama. 

34 Cumberland University Law School 

J. R. Byrd, Judge, Mississippi. 

John E. Richardson, Judge, Tennessee. 

Ernest L. Bullock, Judge, Tennessee. 

T. P. Gore, U. S. Senator, Oklahoma. 

Robinson McMillan, Judge, Oklahoma. 

John Caruthers, Judge, Oklahoma. 

John H. Stephens, M. C, Texas. 

T. U. Sisson, M. C., Mississippi. 

Robert R. Butler, Judge, Oregon. 

Daniel Hon, Judge, Arkansas. 

William A. Roane, Judge, Mississippi. 

J. S. Buckley, Judge, Mississippi. 

James Perkins, Judge, Florida. 

J. R. Flippin, Judge, Tennessee. 

George E. Seay, Chancellor, Tennessee. 

J. E. Halsell, Judge, Kentucky. 

M. M. Smith, Chancellor, Tennessee. 

Thomas S. Flippin, Judge, Tennessee. 

W. H. Swiggart, Judge, Tennessee. 

H. W. Lightfoot, Judge, Texas. 

J. B. Grider, Judge, Kentucky. 

W. E. Ward, founder of Ward Seminary, Tennessee. 

Edgar P. Smith, Judge, Tennessee. 

James T. Policy, Judge, Texas. 

Andrew Price, M. C, Louisiana. 

Foster V. Brown, M. C, Tennessee. 

Willis Reeves, Judge, Kentucky. 

Robert B. Green, Judge, Texas. 

J. M. Taylor, Judge Chancery Court of Appeals, Tennessee. 

J. D. Conway, Judge, Arkansas. 

Thomas W. Ford, Judge, Texas. 

A. C. Allen, Judge, Ttxas. 

E. G. Mitchell, Judge, Arkansas. 

Cordell Hull, Judge and M. C, Tennessee. 

W. F. Clemmons, M. C, Arkansas 

J. M. Lindsay, Judge, Texas. 

John A. McKinney, Judge, Tennessee. 

W. D. Frazee, Chancellor, Tennessee. 

G. W. Hewitt, M. C, Alabama. 

Thetus W. Sims, M. C, Tennessee. 

Risden Tyler Bennett, Judge Supreme Court and M. C, North Carolina. 

J. W. McBroom, U. S. District Judge, Virginia. 

R. M. Milburn, Professor of Law, University of Indiana. 

Henry L. Muldrow, M. C, MississippL 

A. G. Sharp, Circuit Judge, Alabama. 
W. S. Hill, M. C, Mississippi. 

B. T. Kimbrough, Chancellor, Mississippi. 
R. T. Shannon, Law Author, Tennessee. 

W. H. Gill, Judge Court Civil Appeals, Texas. 
Robert B. Williams, Judge, Tennessee. 
Lucius P. Little Circuit Judge, Kentucky. 
Lysander Houck, Circuit Judge, Kansas. 
J. D. Tillman, Minister to Ecuador. 
Charles C. Crowe, ex-Governor, New Mexico. 

Cumberland University Law School 35 

A. M. Stephens, M. C, Texas. 

A. C. Randall, M. C, Texas. 

Geo. B. Gerald, Judge, Texas. 

Joseph M. Hill, Chief Justice, Arkansas. 

Wharton J. Green, M. C, Xorth Carolina. 

Robert E. Houston, General Confederate Army, Mississippi. 

E. B. Kinsworthy, Attorney-General, Arkansas. 
J.' T. Dunn, Judge, Mississippi. 

Benj. H. Rice, Judge, Texas. 

Walter Simpson, Judge, Texas. 

Francis Fentress, Jr., Judge, Tennessee. 

W. F. Kirby, U. S. Senator, Arkansas. 

P. Frank Greever, Judge, Texas. 

Robert B. Seay, Judge, Texas. 

M. C. Butler, M. C, Tennessee. 

Grafton Green, Chief Justice, Tennessee. 

Dana Harmon, Judge, Tennessee. 

Judson Clements, U. S. Commerce Commission. 

A. B. Neil, Judge, Tennessee. 

John Thos. Watkins, M. C, Louisiana. 

Harry A. Hammerly, Judge, Oklahoma. 

W. Y. Pemberton, Judge Supreme Court, Montana. 

W. B. Turner, Judge, Tennessee. 

F. P. Hall, Judge Supreme Court, Tennessee. 

J. T. Blair, Chief Justice Supreme Court, Missouri. 

C. B. Smith, Judge, Alabama. 
William W. Whitesides, Judge, Alabama. 

Benjamin F. Looney, Attorney-General, State of Texas. 

D. B. Hill, Judge, Texas. 
Samuel R. Sells, M. C. Tennessee. 
M. H. Meeks, Judge, Tennessee. 
Park Trammell, U. S. Senator, Florida. 
Virgil Bourland, Judge, Arkansas. 

W. W. Venable, M. C., Mississippi. 

Tilman D. Johnson, U. S. Judge, Utah. 

Xen Hicks, U. S. District Judge, Tennessee. 

J. W. Ross, U. S. District Judge, Tennessee. 

R. H. Powell, Judge, Arkansas. 

Thomas Harsh, Judge, Tennessee. 

Pierre H. Branning, Judge, Florida. 

Grover C. Keck, Judge, Arkansas. 

James W. Swayne, Judge, Texas. 

Rutherford Brett, Supreme Judge, Oklahoma. 

Sidney Y. Catts, Governor, Florida. 

Duval West, U. S. Judge, Texas. 

Eugene Black, M. C., Texas. 

W. R. Blackshear, Judge, Texas. 

Samuel Hooker, Supreme Judge, Oklahoma. 

Henry H. Rodgers. Judge, Mississippi. 

J. H. Smith wick, M. C, Florida. 

Robert H. Sharp, Judge, Tennessee. 

W. W. Faw, Presiding of Civil Appeals, Tennessee. 

D. A. McCandless, Judge, Kentucky. 

Sydney R. Clark, Judge of Court of Civil Appeals, Tennessee. 

36 Cumberland University Law School 

W. W. Farabough, Acting Supreme Judge, Tennessee. 

Horace E. Palmer, Judge, Court of Civil Appeals, Tennessee. 

Frank T. Fancher, Acting Supreme Judge, Tennessee. 

W. D. Kyser, U. S. District Attorney, Tennessee. 

Robt. W. Smartt, Judge, Tennessee. 

Thos. Everett Harwood, Judge, Tennessee. 

Oscar Yarnell, Judge, Tennessee. 

Thos. C. McClellan, Supreme Judge, Alabama. 

George Huddleston, M. C, Alabama. 

Harry W. Laughlin, U. S. District Judge, Tennessee. 

J. Will Taylor, M. C., Tennessee. 

F. B. Swank, M. C, Oklahoma. 

Joseph Brown, M. C., Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

Lon A. Scott, M. C, Tennessee. 

J. C. Hobbs, Judge, Tennessee. 

Wynne F. Clouse, M. C, Teimessee. 

W. A. Dickson, Judge, Arkansas. 

W. B. Sorrels, Judge, Arkansas. 

John R. Aust, Chancellor, Tennessee. 

E. F. Langford, Judge, Tennessee. 

Chester K. Hart, Judge, Tennessee. 

Graham Edgerton, Solicitor of U. S. Navy Dept. 

W. C. Salmon, M. C, Tennessee. 

Creek Lent Rice, Judge, Mississippi. 

Gordon Browning, M. C., Tennessee. 

Oliver Searcy, Judge, Oklahoma. 

Thos. G. Parham, Judge, Arkansas. 

Jno. B. Bowman, Attorney General, Tennessee. 

Paul Burks, Judge, California. 

Clarence W. Guerin, Judge, California. 

Glenn Terrell, Supreme Judge, Florida. 

W. F. Turner, M. C, Tennessee ^'** 

L. A. Johnson, M. C, Tennessee. 

S. D. McReynolds, M. C, Tennessee 

James I. Phelps, Supreme Judge, Oklahoma. 

Albert Williams, Judge, Tennessee. 

J. Ridley Mitchell, Judge, Tennessee. 
-V, Ernest H. Boyd, Attorney-General, Tennessee. 
. ^ \C. C. Miller, Judge, Tennessee. 
^ ^-' (George Watkins, Attorney General, Tennessee. 
L.L&-^-^. H. Swiggart, Jr., Supreme Judge, Tennessee. 
o 1^4,^ E. W. Eggleston, Attorney General, Tennessee. 

/ ^ ^ /ft Fred A. Speakman, Judge, Oklahoma. _^ . 

4^ , I |6 George T. Arnett, Judge, Oklahoma. .^ >> li- 'TT^V^jl/^-'''^^^^ 

^ James Mathis, Supreme Judge, Oklahoma. 4 0-^^-*-^ ^^ 

C. F. P. Qiiinn, Judge, Tennessee. 

Richard M. Atkinson, Attorney General, Tennessee. 

Leslie Darr, Judge, Tennessee. 

A. Z. Adkins, Judge, Florida. 

Ben Allen, Attorney General, Tennessee. 

Jesse L. Rogers, Attorney General, Tennessee. 

A. B. Priddy, Judge, Arkansas. 

James D. Senter, Judge, Court of Appeals, Tennessee. y / a